Best Wallet For Men

Before you buy a brand new wallet you should know about types of wallets for men. It will help you to buy the best wallet.  

In this article, you will find 16 types of wallets from the bifold wallet to RFID wallets. So I hope you love to read this article. Before you jump on the main content I recommended you to just read the next paragraph.

Why should you need to know about different kinds of wallets?

There are lots of wallets in the online market. But we all have a different choice as per our needs. Ex. Some people love to buy Slim, want to fits 6-8 cards and some bills as well. Some want to buy a classic or premium looking wallet. So because of a different perspective, you need a wallet that fits in your need and therefore this article is useful to you. 

Types Of Wallets

Below we mentioned 16 different types of wallets for men with a brief summary so I hope you like it. And also don’t forget to check 10 Best Wallets For Men.

Bifold Wallet

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The bifold wallet is the most common type of wallet that folds in half. 

To fit inside a back pant pocket, you have to fold in half. This type of wallet features multiple slots of different sizes for different needs where you carry all your receipts, ID cards, and all the other stuff. 

Some of them also feature coin purses for more convenient.

The combination of Bifold and Leather wallet will really get you a premium looking wallet and enhance your personality in front of people where you need to get out your wallet from the pocket.

Trifold Wallet

Image credit: Fossil

As in the name Trifold Wallet folds in three flaps, that’s why a section of the wallet is about 1/3 of the length of the wallet.

You will get lots of small compartments for all your needs as compared to Bifold Wallet Trifold Wallet as plenty of room for all your ID and business cards. 

The only drawback of using the Trifold Wallet is that they seem like even bulkier Wallets. If you’re looking for a spacious wallet, then this will be the best option for you. 

Travel Wallets

Travel Wallets are specially designed to carry all our documents, such as passport in a protected environment. They are also known as the passport holder.

To keep all your documents without a fold, those wallets are designed tall and slim. 

It offers plenty of room space to place your driving license, boarding cards, currency, passport, credit cards, and all the other necessary stuff. 

Travel Wallets are enough convenient and stylish to carry all-around when every you go. 

Credit Card Holder

credit card holder
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Credit Card Holder is the type of wallet which is specially designed to keep all your cards in protected environments.

Perfect for storing your ID and another document such as a Driving license. They are slim and sleek in look. 

Front Pocket Wallets

Front Pocket Wallets are bit thinner then a classic bifold wallet, features the money clip which is specially designed to place in eight the front or back pocket.

It’s few compartments will prevent you from fumbling between cash and cards when just making a quick payment.

Front Pocket Wallets are smaller than the shirt pocket; they easily fit in it. 

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RFID Wallet

RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification; it is the special type of technology which develops to stop the unwanted scanning of credit and debit cards. 

RFID will block all the unauthorized RFID, NFC, and BLC scans; all your info is safe from thieves and offers peace of mind. 

You will get RFID technology in Bifold Wallet & Travel Wallets.

Money Clip Wallet

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It is very to easy to remove your money from the metal money clip of your wallet. 

This is the slim style wallet specially designed to hold your folded cards, documents, and to organize your credit cards in an excellent protective manner.

You can also adjust the tension to increase security. Money Clip Wallet features multiple pockets for all the stuff. 

Zippered Wallet

The zippered wallet is not so stylish, they look like the old style or close to the lady’s purse, and that’s why most of the peoples are prefer to go with this. 

The advantage of using the Zippered Wallet is that the zip closure ensures that everything doesn’t slip out; all your stuff is security in all the conditions; they can be convenient. 

Mostly the people use Zippered Wallet to store all their essential receipts and documents; You will get eh zipper wallets in lots of stylish designs. 

Checkbook Wallet

Checkbook Wallet is the classic type of wallet, which is the best one for all the special occasions. 

This type of wallet will comfortably hold not only checkbook but also all your credit cards, passport, and currency. 

Checkbook Wallet is also known as a Breast Pocket Wallet. Most travelers prefer to go with this because they can accommodate all types of currency.

It doesn’t matter you wear a sport or suit jacket. The checkbook wallet can easily fit into your breast pocket found within the coat.  

ID Card Wallet

You will not need to find where your ID, ID Card Wallet will hold all your ID cards in protected, well-managed ways. All the ID Card Wallet comes with ID windes and sections for your banknotes and cards.

They are the dense solution to containing a man’s pre-existence. You can not store cash in ID Card Wallet. 

Taxi Wallet

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Taxi Wallet is the perfect type of wallet for travel, a night out, and weekends getaways.

The taxi Wallet wallet will fit in the front pocket of your shirt or any small bag. Taxi Wallet is ideal for bills, coins, cards, & ID. 

Aluminum Wallets

Aluminum Wallets are the special type of wallets which is entirely crafted from aluminum, most of them come with RFID Blocking Technology to keep all your cards safe from identity thieves. 

All your cards are also protected from any damage. Aluminum Wallets are generally made from high-quality aluminum or stainless steel, which makes it more durable to use time longer than plastic and a leather one.

Long Wallets

Long Wallets will not take lots of space in your bag, features lots of internal compartment to store all your stuff, you can easily fit this wallet in the interior pocket.

Mostly the long wallets are more significant enough to hold all currency sizes; they are also known as Breast Wallets & Large Wallet. 

Hipster Wallet

Hipster Wallet is generally made from high-quality leather with lots of pocket for credit cards, business cards, cash, and receipts. 

You will get enough room to carry all your essentials; they are more significant than a standard wallet and capable enough of holding more of your stuff. 

Those wallets fit perfectly into your back pocket of your pants as well as in the pocket of your suit jacket. The features ID window, multiple credit card slots, and compartments for money, notes, receipts, etc

Key Wallet

A key wallet is the crucial universal case suitable for most of the car, key FOB, and keyless entry.

The wallet features now fashion design; key pouch looks gorgeous and elegant, simple, good-looking, durable.

Chain Wallet

Chain Wallet mostly features a minimalist design which allows you to carry all your essential around while remaining.

Those wallet features card slots, slip pockets, and ID windows to store all your essentials in a protected environment.

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