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Have you tired of using a bulky overstuffed wallet? And unable to find the premium looking and well-designed wallet with better space. Then you have no reason to skip this article in any way. Because it’s all about your solution.

Finding the Best Minimalist Wallet is quite a difficult task. You certainly can’t count the number and kinds of slim wallets available in the market, most of which won’t slim up to even with some cards and bills.

I do believe that quality is something that you should absolutely look for when buying the best minimalist wallet. So the main purpose of this article is to choose the best wallet that you love to carry with daily with pride.

Best Minimalist Wallets For Men 2020

If I was out there to buy a Minimalist wallet, I would be Bellroy’s Micro Sleeve.

After continuous research and reviewing it personally, I finally choose this one as the best minimalist wallet to buy in 2020. I am sure that you are eager to know the reasons, that why I had chosen the Bellroy Micro Sleeve, as the best minimalist wallet in 2020 Right?

Let me reveal all the reasons behind it clearly.

First I researched the best-reputed wallet in this category because if you buy a wallet and it was not last with you for at least a year then the investment is not worth. There the Bellroy is the winner because of their quality materials.

The next thing is I need a stylish and minimalist wallet to store 5-6 cards and a few bills. And This is the ideal number for the minimalist wallet. If you need to store more than these then I suggest you take a look at the overall Best wallets for men. Bellroy wins the game here as well.

The third thing I researched for reviews and ratings at amazon. Because customer satisfaction is the thing that all want. I found the product as one of the best in some categories and also found a review on Business Insider. Customers from amazon give the 4.3 out 5 stars to the product, so it adds one more reason to buy this product.

1. HUSKK Men Wallet – Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

Crafted with a leather, Huskk wallet is designed in London. And one of the best Minimalist front pocket wallet in the list. With 3 pockets for carrying cards and bills, the wallet is managed to look slim as well as premium. It also has a feature called RFID for safe all the credit cards from digital pickpocketing. RFID is now a mandatory thing in the wallet so it’s a plus point in the wallet.

Comfortable to carry with, The size of a 4-inch x 2.8-inch suitable to store 8 to 10 cards and some cash or bills. It comes in three beautiful colors Dark Brown Crazy Horse Leather, Simple Dark Brown, and Black. The leather coating to the outer surface perfects to shine Dark brown shades colors wallet.

Best For – If you’re looking for a wallet that able to store 8 cards and few bills with the premium leather finishing then it’s the great choice for you.

We cannot give it the title of a very good wallet but according to the price, it is a good wallet in itself.

  • Slim and premium looking with enough space.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Easy instant access to the pockets.
  • Refund and Replacement service (If problem match the circumstances)
  • Sometimes credit card sucks in the outside pockets so there needs some effort to get it out.
  • Leather quality does not look like long-lasting.

2. Bellroy Micro Sleeve – Best of the best

Bellroy is one of our favorite companies that made premium looking wallets as well as good quality. Maybe if you have seen our 10 Best Wallets list and Best leather wallets then you probably know that both the list have included Bellroy’s wallets. And their wallets deserve it.

Bellroy’s Micro Sleeve is the best Minimalist wallet in the list and comes with a super slim design and a total of 3 pockets, two on both sides and one in the center. it is the wallet that makes you stand out professional with your surrounding people.

Size of the 1.7 inches tall x 4 inches wide, it is a medium-capacity wallet made for store 6 maximum cards and few folded bills. So if you planing for more cards to store then this is not a good choice for you. In this case, you can check this Bellroy wallet [Link] Designed in three colors Black, Navy Blue and Caramel.

  • Premium and Slim Wallet
  • Made from environmentally certified leather
  • Bellroy’s 3-year warranty
  • Quick access to all cards and bills
  • Limited to store 6 maximum cards
  • No RFID protection for credit cards
  • Leather quality is not good for a long time

3. F&H Minimalist Leather Wallet – Best premium look

A dedicated wallet making company Forrest & Harold have a range of good and premium looking minimalist leather wallets. And the F&H is one of them. Slimness and the leather make this wallet premium in look. With that, it is able to carry 8 or one-two more cards if you needed but 8 is the best number for this wallet. The design of the wallet is totally different from the simple wallets and maybe it’s one of the reasons you should interest to take a look at this wallet. (By the way, the design is good)

Handcrafted with top-grain leather and, also money clip available with the quality of stainless still. You can easily take 8 cards, Photo ID and some cash with this wallet. When it comes to colors it has 10 color options in one style. So it’s good if you looking for any of your favorite colors.

  • A detachable money clip helps to hold cash.
  • Slim and comfortable up to 8 cards and few IDs.
  • Good quality leather and sleek design finishing.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • The wallet is a bit tight.
  • Because of tightness sometimes you need more effort to getting out the card.

4. FIDELO Hybrid Minimalist Wallet for Men – Best stylish

If you are among those who are looking to buy things of their favorite colors, then definitely you love this company Fidelo and this wallet as well. For this wallet, you will find a collection of more than 11 types of colors and some cases also, So when you tired of using the same kind of color you can change the case by yourself easily.

Fidelo’s wallet is a minimal and strong 3-piece new generational design that covered from the top-grain vegetable-tanned leather case. It fits in any pocket of your clothes easily. RFID enhances the security of the insides cards.

If you like Ridge’s wallet then this is one of the best alternatives to Ridge wallet. This one is cheaper then Ridge Authentic Wallet and builds with good quality.

The wallet is a good fit for people who are looking for a Budget wallet, 2 Pocket that can hold 3-5 cards and some cash, Not a too thin or not too thick.

  • Value for money.
  • Leather is good and sturdy.
  • Design is different but looks really good.
  • You can change the cases.
  • Good quality quick eject trigger.
  • You need to clean it daily from outside because leather attracts dust.
  • And no more cons.

5. Zitahli Minimalist Slim Bifold Front Pocket Wallet

It looks like all in one wallet, Zitahli’s Minimalist wallet is build with Refined Cardboard to give it a good shape. We say it all in one because it comes with most of the needed features for men. The wallet has a money clip, Smart pull strap, 3 card pocket, and one ID pocket. Also, you can not feel it bulky in any of your pockets. Yes in any pocket because the wallet is designed for all the pockets that you have whether it’s Front Pocket or Back Pocket.

Size of 4.5” * 3.2” Inches helps to manage more than 6 cards and some US bills in with money clip. A Pocket with a smart pull strap is able to store 2-4 cards. So you can easily put and get out your quick access cards. If you need a wallet to manage frequently used cards then Zitahli’s Wallet is a good option for Daily use.

Build quality is really good. Edges are stronger than simple wallets, Because of Woven fabric is not cut off on the edges it’s seaming by the entire fabric so it enhances the overall quality of the outside.

  • Able to carry all your cards whether it’s a debit card, credit card, Insurance card or business card.
  • Strong, Durable and Budget wallet.
  • RFID signal blocking up to 13.56 MHz.
  • Easy to access the cards.
  • Sometimes money clip does not carry a few bills very well, Means money clip gets loose If you keep 10 bills on one day and 5 bills on the other day.
  • The wallet is not too slim.

6. PITAKA Magwallet Carbon Fiber Wallet – Fully Customizable

Pitaka did really great innovation in this wallet and make it fully customizable for the people. With the maximum capacity of 6 chip cards wallet is suitable for all occasions.

This wallet has a modular design so you can adjust the wallet with your needs. The wallet divided into 5 modules. The first one and the last are covers that help to secure all cards and money inside the wallet.

The second layer is known as a box layer it holds any essentials like keys, sim-cards, and coins, etc. The third one is Money clip and you know how important money clip is if you carry cash with, But this money clip is not only helpful for cash notes it holds cards too.

If you need to store more than 6 cards then the fourth layer name called extra layer can hold two extra cards.

Note: The standard module does not contain the Box layer, Money Clip and Extra layer you need to buy it separately.

  • 100% Carbon fiber material so durability is good.
  • Fully adjustable wallet.
  • RFID blocking and should last a lifetime.
  • Luxurious and stylish look.
  • Magnetic closure and paying with your card are hassle-free. just slide a card when you need to pay.
  • If you buy all 4 modules then it looks a bit expensive but worth money.
  • The standard card holder holds 6 cards only.
  • Can not hold magnetic stripe cards.

7. Wally Bifold Wallet with Retracting Pull-Tabs

This wallet by the Distil Union is one of the premium looking and sturdy wallet. This Bifold wallet has only two pockets, but it can hold up to 6 cards in each; with 2 pockets, you will get an adjustable money clip that is perfect to holds few bills securely.

Both the pockets have pull tabs, Let it help you to out your cards without the hassle. Comes with RFID protection and two slots from each pocket are perfect for quick pay or tap to pay.

Build from Full Grain Leather, it sounds like a more durable than an average bifold wallet. Usually, bifold wallets are looks like a bulky wallet that always irritates you to carry with you. But here the scenario is totally different Distil’s creator really does a good job for making this wallet slim and minimalist with 10 cards or few bills. The money clip is mainly optimized for North American and Australian notes.

  • Even the bifold wallet has managed to design for a thinner look.
  • RFID-Shielded exterior for peace of mind
  • Auto-retracting Pull-Tabs for quick access to cards.
  • Self-adjusting stainless still Money clip for carrying cash, 14 cards capacity.
  • Six color options of Black, Brown, Gray, Ink Black, only Ink, and Red.
  • No window pocket for ID cards.
  • No major cons.

8. Bryker Hyde RFID Blocking Slim Minimalist Front Pocket Wallet

As you know the small and compact wallet always looks minimalist and able to manage cards of notes easily. Bryker Hyde’s Minimalist wallet is one of the small, compact and slim wallets. The wallet is one of the best sellers in Amazon.

All the indeed features like RFID Blocking, Window Pocket for Photo ID card, Money clip included in this wallet. Although, you’ll able to store up to 9 Cards with this wallet. The wallet is not just minimalist but it can provide a luxurious look as well. Within this all cool features, the wallet from Bryker Hyde managed to get 4.6 stars out of 5 on the

So if you need a budget wallet with the cool features then you should once try Bryker Hyde’s Minimalist wallet.

  • This is a slim wallet available for you to get.
  • You can get a perfectly functioning RFID blocking enclosure in the wallet.
  • You will not be able to take coins along with you on this wallet.
  • You cannot hold more than 10 bills at a time.

9. Magpul DAKA Bifold Wallet – Best budget minimalist wallet

Maybe if you don’t want to invest more in the wallet. Then you can go with Magpul Bifold wallet. You’ll find it cheaper than most of the above-reviewed wallets. Very roomy to keep cards and bills. You can easily keep 7-10 cards and 10 bills in it. So If you need to carry always more cards and bills then you can think about it.

Bifold design and created from polymer-infused material. There are four color options as of now. Black, Flat Dark Earth, Olive Drab Green, Stealth Gray. A bit different in price between the color options but not big.

The wallet is a bifold wallet and looks like a big. Yeah, it can carry more cards, and bills but sometimes not able to manage minimalist look. So if your first priority is Minimalist then I don’t recommend this wallet.

  • This is a slim wallet available for you to get.
  • You can get a perfectly functioning RFID blocking enclosure in the wallet.
  • You will not be able to take coins along with you on this wallet.
  • You cannot hold more than 10 bills at a time.

10. Buffway Slim Minimalist Wallet For Men – Cheapest in the list

Cheapest in the list, Buffway did really well in terms of all features that are really great. All the features to stay a minimal and secure wallet has implemented beautifully in this wallet. Let me reveal all the features to you.

Stylish and compact design, size is 4.4” high and 3.15” wide, Overlapped with RFID blocking material to save all your cards. One of the best things about the wallet is, it has a design that suits men and women as well. I have to say that In the small price Buffway really did something that all other companies can’t. The wallet can carry 4-6 cards and a few bills.

Another good thing is that if you do not like a wallet or if you have got a bad product, then refund and 12 months replace policy is received from buffway. For which you can replace or get a refund.

  • This is a slim wallet available for you to get.
  • You can get a perfectly functioning RFID blocking enclosure in the wallet.
  • You will not be able to take coins along with you on this wallet.
  • You cannot hold more than 10 bills at a time.


I hope you like this article and get something that you want. If you have any queries about Minimalist wallets then comment below we’re like to help you. Also, check other reviews and guides about leather wallets and front pocket wallets.

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