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Top 10 Best Wallet For Men

Whenever I ask an important man in my life what their favourite accessory to carry is, the answer I get most often is a wallet A powerful symbol of wealth, it is not just another gift you pick out of a ring, for the men of today not only require their things organized but also want the wallet to match their personality.

Money, cash, important documents and often the hidden condom, a wallet is the savior for the things that would otherwise go haywire. But how do you choose the best wallet from the mix? What quality would work for or against your requirement and how well do you understand the pros and cons of a particular feature of the wallet? Phew, that is a lot of questions and the answers seem to be nowhere. But don’t worry friends for we have combined the list of the best wallets there are with a comprehensive list of their merits and demerits, just to make life a little bit easier for the average gift giver.

It is very important to choose a perfect wallet to account for your needs but it is not easy to choose it, As we have rounded up with various types of wallets. For your convenience, our team of professionals shortlisted some wallets based on quality, style, needs, and preferences.

Best 10 Wallets For Men With Reviews

All the below-featured wallets are from the leading brands, so now you don’t need to worry about the quality. You can buy all of them on Amazon. Head on over to find out the best men’s wallets.

1. Bellroy Leather Hide & Seek – Best Leather Wallet


The Bellroy Hide & Seek is the perfect blend of traditional and modern. With the perfect swirl of conventional wallet and the up-to-date model, it comes with two different heights to fit in all the international bills you can manage, because what is worse than a crinkled note right? What else does this wallet hold over other wallets’ head? Well, one of the best examples of the features will include the hidden sections for the Business Card protection, along with RIFD protection, hidden coin pouch and finally a flat bill section. The premium, environmentally sustainable materials along with recycled woven fabrics will give you a feel of the ultimate feel of supremacy and authenticity.

Coming in four different models including :

  1. Bellroy Note Sleeve, with the dimensions of 102mm*90mm with a capacity to house 4-11+ cards.
  2. Bellroy Slim Sleeve, with the dimensions of 95mm*80mm giving you a chance to operate with 4-12+ cards
  3. Bellroy “The Low”, with the dimensions of 115mm*77mm with a homeroom for 4-12 cards
  4. Bellroy Hide & Seek is the one we have been talking about mainly, with the dimensions of 115mm*85mm along with 5-12+ card space

So in short Bellroy Hide & Seek is something for everyone, but is it perfect? Well, there is no such thing as perfection, for everything comes with its baggage and no, we are not here to hide it. Here are some points that are lacking in the Bellroy Hide & Seek.

The first complaint that was shared with a lot of users is that though the wallet is advertised as ‘the’ slim wallet, it doesn’t maintain the image after it is filled up with the cards and cash advertised. Along with that, the people seem to experience that the quality doesn’t meet the promise built up by the price, with cases of leather peeling off from the corner within the one month of usage. Other complaints include the lack of an ID window for things like your License and along with that, the smaller coin sections making the access is difficult.

All in all, the wallet is one of the best in the section with a few shortcomings that steal the final length from making it perfect. However, it is one of the best in its section with RFID protection offered against the electronic pickpocketing. Along with that for an average user with a list of 4-10 cards, this wallet would not be a hindrance in any way, however, the complaints of it being a delicate material peeling off soon would be something you should roll into your decision of whether to buy the wallet or not.
  • Traditional looking yet trendy
  • Fits all bills without crumpling
  • Hidden sections for Business card protection.
  • Slim enough to go with every outfit without causing a bulge
  • RIFD protection.
    Smooth environmentally certified along with recycled woven fabrics.
  • Smaller Coin section
  • No ID window
  • Not as thin as advertised.

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2. Serman Brands RFID Blocking Wallet – Value For Money


Warranty is one of the best words whenever you’re buying something right? Well, the Serman Brand has come up with a 12-month warranty for its latest product, the new RFID blocking wallet. This slim and stylish model is one of the most well-liked in its field among consumers. This US-based company while adopting a ‘to each their own approach’ has launched over five different shades in the same designs which are, Texas Brown, California Desert, Canyon Red, Charcoal Black, and Slate Gray.

All this seems very fancy but what exactly does this wallet give me that others don’t? Read on to find the answer to that.

Along with its Slim built, the wallet is one of the best in arranging the space giving you a pull-tab design to reduce bulk giving you a chance to arrange your cards with the frequency of their use. Along with that, it uses the most top grain leather, giving it a place in the vintage leather group. The Serman brand also comes with the promise of no-bulge or overstuffing of jeans with their wallet. With easy access inside the wallet as well, you have a smart pull out tab for your most required items in the wallet, while keeping your cash in place with a money clip.

But as always there is always a flip side to the coin. Though the wallet is well received by a lot of its consumers, there have been certain cases where the standards didn’t meet the expectations. For example, the colors such as California Desert Light darkens very soon with use. Along with that, the clips in almost all the models are known to become loose after just the first few weeks eventually leaving the cash to float about the wallet. Along with that, there is another famous complaint of it being a little too small for a daily use wallet.

When seen in the bigger picture, the wallet is one of the most well-received among people with a few slight hiccups that can be managed when using. The biggest thing that you need to consider is the color that goes along with your personality and maintain the usage and care of the wallet accordingly. Another thing to note is that though this wallet may be perfect in all the other aspects, it does lack a coin pouch, though that is not usually considered a deal-breaker for most, you have a right to make your own decisions.

  • 12-month warranty
  • Slim and sleek built
  • Compact and intuitive
  • Easy access by a smart pull out tab
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy and well reliant
  • Advanced RFID Secure technology
  • Front pocket for your most-used cards
  • Cases of lack of quality material
  • Cases of wallets darkened with use
  • Size a little too small
  • No coin sash

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3. Vaultskin Notting Hill – Best Slim Zip Wallet


Coming in a beautiful sleek collection of four colors, including Black, Alpine Green, Brown, and Cognac, this is one of the most celebrated models of the Vaultskin collection. This tiny wallet is the perfect spot for the confluence of style, functionality, and convenience. Along with this, it is told out to be lightweight, luxurious premium and incredibly durable. The biggest selling point of this wallet is, however, the functional planning of the wallet, making it be single stop design for your cards, keys, and cash in just one place complete with outside pockets for your convenience. Made completely with smooth, stylish and high-quality leather. This wallet comes along with the Signature Vaultskin pull-strap a patent of the brand giving you easy access to your most-used cards. Along with this, like most of its contemporaries, this wallet also provides you with a Radio-frequency identification or the RFID blocking technology protects your personal information in your credit cards and passports from the RFID theft giving you a very own vault to carry around in your pocket.

But is it all the perfect that the company sells it out to be? Or are there certain things that the sellers don’t want you to know. Let us go through the points that steal the perfect title from this wallet. One of the most widespread complaints among the users is that the wallet doesn’t work for people with more than 6 cards to keep in their wallet against how it was advertised for at least 10 card capacity. Along with this, you would find that the zipper design doesn’t work for a lot of people as the zip gives up way too early. There have also been complaints about the longevity of wallet along with the lack of quality, calling it out to be ‘Cheap in price and cheap in quality’

Overall though this wallet is named out to be the one-stop solution to all the necessities it doesn’t live up to its promise completely. Though it does solve a lot of problems including the excessive overcrowded wallets with spilled contents, it does not work for people who need to maintain the expensive look for very long. The zipper design though novel for most the population doesn’t last very long in the practice making it a useless accessory that works out to be a liability rather than an asset. Another thing to notice is that though this comes at a very reasonable price, the quality is of that range as well.

To take a visit down the lane again, here are the top points of Pros and Cons for this wallet.


  • Slim, lightweight well organized
  • Stylist and functional wallet
  • Durability
  • All end solution for dumping all your essentials
  • Signature Vaultskin pull-strap
  • High end RFID blocking technology
  • Cheap in price and quality
  • Longevity of the wallet is not practically that long
  • Zipper is not a fame among users
  • Doesn’t work for more than 6 cards

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4. Travando Money Clip – Nice Money Clip Wallet


The Travando brings you the latest proposal in its product range called Rio. With a wide variety of choices in the shade, you think will match your personality, some of the most famous products include Black + Orange, Black, Black + White, Black + chocolate, Carbon, Cognac, Grey, Blue and of course the Vintage Brown. Dazzled already? Wait till we list out all the other features that come along with the price. With amazing magnet closure, unprecedented in men’s wallet, this is a functional and slim wallet that is the biggest organizer in the town giving other wallets a run for their money with 7 separate slots just for cards. Along with this, the wallet provides you with industry-tested security which its contemporaries lack.

This intelligently designed masterpiece is the meeting point of functionality and luxury for the people who want a little more from their life. Combining five different models under its umbrella, The Rio, The Austin, the Phoenix, the Seattle and the Atlanta, Travando has seen an extreme likeness towards the Rio model.

Even with all the love, the product is not without any flaws. Some of the customers have complained that the money clip scratched the cards kept in the opposite facing pockets. Along with this, there have been complaints that the wallet even with all its features is too big for daily life operations. Another famous problem is that the slots for credit cards and the money clip are too tight.

With options they say comes confusion, however, the choice to buy this wallet is something that needs no confusion. Though, there should be a few things that need to be considered before choosing this wallet. One of this to understand the anatomy of the wallet and choose your pricing and usage before calling for this wallet. The wallet is not as sleek as it might appear online, so the purpose of the use is something that needs to be taken care of. Besides that, the choice of color is also very important in this case as each color in the Travando bank says a unique story.

Still confused? Let us help you with a Pros and Cons list

  • Wide range of color choices
  • Magnet closure
  • Industry tested security
  • Integrated money clip
  • Refined and Stylish
  • Intelligently designed functionality
  • Scratches on credit cards opposite to money clip
  • Too big
  • Money clip too tight
  • Credit card inserts too tight
  • Wear and tear of material

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5. Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Men’s Wallet – Best Slim


It is claimed that if you are looking for thin wallets for daily life, this is the point where your search ends. This ultra-slim wallet coming with another wide variety of color choices including Black, Brown, Carmine Red, Chromium Grey, Cognac, Matt Black, Matt Blue, Matt Green, and Navy Blue. The color in this wallet is not the only attractive aspect for this luxurious Italian leather beauty is being called the Ace of Space, with the promise of being able to fit anywhere including suit, shirt or even your skinniest jeans while still maintaining the integrity of the pocket profile. Along with this, like its contemporaries, the Chelsea company also provides you the model with RFID protection to keep your private information private. With a 10 card maximum limit, this is one of the only ones in the collection which appeals to the men as well as the women tired of carrying a huge wallet everywhere thanks to its beautiful Italian leather finish that gives it the beautiful luxurious look people crave.

There are a few things that the people faced however that can be corrected in this wallet. One of the biggest problems faced by the people is that the thin leather covering on the wallet stretches out in a few months. Along with that, there have been complaints of slippery material of the cardholder making people lose their cards without knowing. Another thing that pulls it back from perfection is the main compartment oozing out stuff due to its loose structure.

Is it worth the price? Is it worth choosing over the other choices? What does it hold over the heads of other wallets? Well though this wallet is not short on things working for it including the functionality and its beautiful luxurious finish, there are certain things to keep in mind before buying this particular wallet. For example, this is not a very sturdy model of wallet that would wear out without proper care. Along with this, the wallet is without wide pockets for your international bills so get ready for some crumpling.

But how to make a decision? Let’s make a list of Pros and cons to help you.


  • Ultra-slim, holding 10 cards
  • Luxury Italian leather finish
  • Ace of space
  • RFID protected wallet
  • Fits with all attire without causing a bunch up
  • Thin leather straps stretch out in a few months
  • Slippery material of cardholder
  • The main compartment is loose
  • Too cheap materials
  • Too narrow for international bills

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6. The Ridge Authentic Wallet – Best Minimalistic Carbon Fiber Wallet


What if I told you that I trust my product enough to offer you a lifetime guarantee, you would probably not believe me, but this is what the Ridge Authentic wallet comes with. They trust their product to last till the time you are alive to own it. These lifetime wallets are built up with the ultimate durable materials including Aluminium plating and interchangeable elastic screws, making it possible for you to carry the wallet safely in all weathers. The minimalist design of the wallet is another asset complete with space-efficient design claiming to have a holding capacity of more than 12 cards. This dream come true scenario is complete with the RFID blocking providing you protection from both the real and the digital world making it a perfect all-weather all attire wallet, you can impress all your friends with. The functionality of the wallet is another one of the most talked-about features of the wallet as it is sturdy as well as sleek, the perfect combination of style and adventure. What do you need more from a wallet? Well, there is more choice with four amazing colors including Black, Gunmetal, Navy, and Rose Gold.

Sounds too much like a fairy-tale? Don’t trust it? Well, we never said that the product is without any flaws. Collecting the experiences of various users, there are certain things that are lacking. One of the major advantages didn’t work for every customer as some cases reported damage in the product after just months of use. Bet they are glad about the lifetime guarantee now. Along with that, the money clip is also a concern as it cannot adjust to a low level of cash after holding too much cash once. Another problem is the difficult access to the cards in the wallet which people seemed to have a problem with.

The promises that we all want from every purchase ever, though the wallets have a few pitfalls it may be one of the best options we have to choose from. Though there might be a few things you would like to consider before placing the order. The wallet would definitely be a little heavy on your pocket and by that, we don’t mean the weight. But the price comes with a lifelong guarantee, so who is to say how expensive is too expensive. Along with that, it would be a wise decision to see whether the functionality of the wallet works with your daily life or not.

Alright folks, let’s tally the score. The list of Pros and Cons.

  • Lifetime guarantee
  • RFID blocking
  • Functional and Slim
  • Ultimate durability
  • Minimalistic design
  • Space efficiency
  • The promise of lifetime durability might wear out
  • Concerns over a money clip
  • Cards difficult to access
  • Overpriced

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7. Levi’s Men’s Trifold Wallet – Best Premium Trifold


What is the best aspect of this wallet you may ask, well you can cheat out of buying this wallet with this wallet. No, no don’t get confused. We just mean to say that this is one wallet that comes out with something for everyone both in terms of color and design. Still don’t understand? Well let’s see all the types of Levi’s Trifold Wallet you can get; Black, Brown, Black embossed logo, Black Leather, Black leather 2 Horse, Black Stitch, Black with chain, Black with zipper, Black Zip, Brown leather, Brown leather two-tone, Brown stitch, Cognac Leather, Dark Brown Two Tone, Gray, Black casual, Black trifold, Black Vintage, Brown dark, Brown trifold wallet, Brown vintage and Brown with zipper. Phew, talk about choices! Now-now, this is not all. All the wallets are made with genuine leather which can be hand washed if you seem to find it dirty a lot. It gives you the perfect aged leather design with the perfect slim design for all your garments.

Well, why do all good things come to an end? This is perfect for almost all men, but what is lacking? Well, word of the people is that the card slot is too small to fit in your credit and debit cards. Another drawback reported is that is wallet doesn’t close all the way if you try to fill it to capacity making it a game of chance whether you would lose something or not. For the models with chains, people have found the chain to be a little short and the belt hoop isn’t big enough for standard belts.

With a plethora of choices, the Levi Men’s Trifold wallet is a bit of a fixer-upper but then, what in life isn’t. Though almost all the features make me want to order one now, there are a few things that need to be managed. For example, if you are big on only cards, this might not be the ideal choice for your needs. Along with that this a travel light wallet and won’t be able to handle everything you keep in your big wallets. But that doesn’t make it all bad, it’s just a matter of choice, we incur.

Let’s go through a list of Pros and Cons to make our final decision.


  • 100% Genuine leather
  • Hand washed
  • Aged leather design
  • Slim down your pocket
  • Perfect Size
  • Double folds for space management
  • Card Slot too small
  • Doesn’t shut down if too filled
  • Chains are too short

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8. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Thin Sleek Wallet – Best Branded


Another one heavy on the choices of color and style, Tommy Hilfiger is another contender in the race of giving people what they want. There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing the perfect Tommy Hilfiger, and here are the choices: Black, Brown, Navy, Black Cambridge, Black Dore, British Tan, Burgundy, Chocolate, Cognac, Dark Brown, Dark Green, Deep Red, Grey, Green, Light Tan, Navy Dore, Red, and Tan. Choices and Choices, but choices are not Tommy Hilfiger is all about. Along with this, you would get 100% Cow leather with 100% leather Lining complete with extra storage capacity. Talking about the storage capacity, the wallet promises 5 credit card spaces, 2 slip pockets and one large bill compartment complete with one removable ID window with a thumb slider. Measuring 3.5”x4.5” fits down easily in your favorite jeans without being an extra addition to your back pocket.

However the choices aren’t perfect, and there are certain things that lack in this wallet as well. One of the major complaints is the lack of a coin pouch. There have also been complaints that the quality is not as fine as promised and there are certain comparisons with a cheap vinyl like quality feel on the outer side of the wallet. It is also complained to be counterfeited in many purchases, but then again that is what the brand is working on very strongly which makes the wallet a strong contender of wallets.

So, with a cobweb full of options, the chance comes with a few its pullbacks from the title of perfect. Though the list may not be a deal-breaker for many people, we believe in the concept of to each his own. There are certain things that we need to consider before choosing this wallet for your needs. One of the major things you need to focus on is the fact that the quality of the wallet is not sturdy and it might need a little looking after. Another fact is that there is no coin pouch along with the wallet.

As all the parents say, it is important to revise. Let’s make a list of Pros and Cons to help you with the same.

  • 100% Cow leather with 100% leather lining
  • Extra Storage capacity
  • Versatile timeless wallet
  • Slim built fills easily in your favorite space
  • Removable ID window with a thumb slider
  • Variety of color choices to match your personality.
  • No coin pouch
  • Quality not always living up to its promise
  • Not sturdy
  • Very little space for credit cards
  • Weak at joints, Way too stiff.

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9. Dango T01 Tactical EDC – Best Multitool Wallet


Multitasking is the requirement of today’s world, then why should your wallet be any less? Imagine a wallet with which you can survive in the wild. Don’t scoff, we are not kidding. The Dango T01 Tactical EDC comes up with the perfect combination of a wallet and a multitool kit including a saw, knife, paracord tensioner, 10/15mm hex, smartphone stand, nail pryer and just in case of an emergency a ruler, you never know when you might have to measure something. Made up of a 6061 aerospace-grade CNC’s aluminum, the wallet is surprisingly lightweight at just 2 ounces. Holding up to 12 cards at one time, there is an amazing criterion of choice under the wallet umbrella including Brown Rawhide/Raw Aluminium, Jet Black/ Jet Black, OD Green, Spec Ops- Black/Desert Sand + MT02 Multi-tool, Spec Ops Bifold- Black/Olive Drab Green+ MT02 Multi-tool, giving the Chance to be a man to all the men out there. Now, don’t you worry, the Dango T01 Tactical EDC takes care of the digital world as well as the physical world with the RFID blocking keeping your information safe.

Well, even the most perfect things come with their amount of baggage, and so does this wallet. There are a few things that bothered the users including the lack of functionality in daily life which is understandable since we do not live in a Jungle. Another complaint is the lack of separate quarters for cards reducing accessibility. Another thing bothering people is the sharp edges being dangerous especially near children. Even the people who were content with the daily functioning of the wallet have told that the tools do not last too long.

Though the idea is very novel and probably the dream of every teenage boy growing up to own a device with everything, there are certain things you need to consider before buying this wallet. One of the major aspects you should consider is the functionality of the wallet in your daily life. You should also consider the fact that though the tools are removable the price of the wallet stands on its attachment and if you just want to remove the tools, this might not be the best choice for you.

Alright stop scratching your head, let’s make this decision easier by making a pros and cons list.

  • Hold up to 12 cards
  • Top Grain leather
  • RFID blocking
  • Extremely durable
  • Comes with multi tool with everything you might need ever
  • Multitools easily removable
  • Falls short on function
  • Unrequired features for daily life
  • No separate quarters to keep the cards
  • Overpriced
  • Sharp edges
  • Tools do not last that long.

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10. The Slimfold Minimalist – Best Water Proof Wallet


For all the colorful people out there, the Slimfold Minimalist might be the best choice out there. Why you ask. Well, let us let the color choices of the wallet speak for themselves. Here is the list of all the color combinations of the wallet you will find including, Black with black stitching, Black with black stitching – RFID, Black with Gray stitching, Black with Gray stitching- RFID, Black with Orange stitching, Black with Orange stitching – RFID, Black with Red stitching, Black with Red stitching – RFID, Charcoal with orange stitching, Charcoal with orange stitching- RFID, Navy with orange stitching, Navy with orange stitching – RFID. Wow is your head swirling with options just like us? This is not all trust us. Having the capacity for more than 8 cards this is the thin wallet you have been looking for. How, you ask? Well, this is at least 2-3 times thinner than leather, stronger and complete with the RFID protection. This durable and compact design is something that pleases the vegan population as well, as you get better service without harming animals

But it is not all goody-goody, for there are things that now in this perfect wallet as well. One of the major complaints is the material not being as strong as claimed and the wallet turning fragile after just weeks of use. Some of the people also found that the choice of color combinations is weird and too unconventional for every walk of life taking away professional nature. Another aspect of the complaint is that the slots are too small to fit anything.

Eh. How to make the decision? Should we go all into a new world of color, or just stick with the original. Well, the Slimfold Minimalist does bring out some of the novel creations of the modern world, but there are certain things you should consider before buying this wallet. Being a new-age model, it won’t have the vintage look many people prefer. Another thing is since it is a non-leather product with a promise, however people who prefer leather should not go for this because it just won’t feel the same. This product is more suited to the needs of an adventurous kind of population.

Still, confused? Let’s make a pro and con list.

  • Holds up to 8 cards
  • Non leather vegan product
  • RFID blocking
  • The thin wallet concept beat by no competitor
  • Thin but functional
  • Variety of colour choices
  • Turns fragile after weeks of use
  • Weird colour combination
  • Slots too small to fit anything

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5 Best Men’s Wallet Brands

Here we shorted some top brands that make high quality and high performance cool looking and best wallets for men. But here we want to make sure that you know how we selected and make the list of best wallet brands. Here below I reveal our strategy of choosing the best brands.

Mainly we listed wallets brands that are available on Because amazon is accessible from anywhere in the world and it delivers their products in most of the countries.

What we mainly consider during the shortlist this brands is how’s the status of their sell on amazon, What is the material they use in the wallets, How’s the big their range of product and What is the customer saying after using the product.

1. Bellroy

Bellroy is a trusted brand deals with wallets, bags, work accessories, and other carry goods that help you organize and streamline.

The brand is certified B Corp, rated highly for limiting their impact on the environment. They were also campaign for the welfare of animals and donating a portion of our revenue to effective charities.

Bellroy is basically an Australian brand deals with accessories, Andrew Fallshaw and Hadrien Monloup, as well as engineers Lina Calabria and Matthew Fallshaw started this brand in 2009.

All of their products made from high-quality material and lest long; quality is the key to their success. When it comes to wallets, most of people prefer to go with Bellroy. Here they reveal How they making the best slim wallets for men.

2. Vaultskin

Vaultskin is well known because of its Gorgeously fashionable premium leather wallets and iPhone accessories with thoughtful design features and unique technology. They are also famous for Vaultskin RFID Wallets.

Basically, the brand is based in London. They have a team of the young, creative, international crew; they always pride themselves in their diverse expertise and innovation.

Alex and Diana started this the Vaultskin with their experience & background in architecture and engineering, which gave them the vision to design the first Vaultskin phone case.

Their thinking of always looking forward to the next good idea is the kay of their market value, the mix experience of their team will help them to design something more always.


When it comes to wallets & bags, Travando is one of the best, trusted, and widely preferred brand because of their quality, user rating, and look. Travando is proudly designed in Germany with the first class material, which ensures longevity and classy design.

Mostly almost all of their wallet comes with the RFID technology will add the layer of security in their day to day life, RFID will stop unwanted scanning of your cards.

You will also get the entirely modified and stylish card slot to carry all your cards in the protected environment, also allows you to place your most frequently used cards.

3. Serman Brands

All the wallets of the Serman Brands made from the handcrafted top grain leather will allow you to carry all your cards and cash comfortably.

You will not experience any overstuffed jeans; the will remains as thin in your pocket as your smartphones; they manufacture the super sleek fashion accessory that makes everything easier.

Serman Brands will offer you the premium lifestyle in executing the assorted elements of life in correct symmetries, always working on building a delightful experience. Try to contribute to you the lifestyle that produces world changers.

4. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is previously known as Tommy Hilfiger Corporation and Tommy Hilfiger Inc. Tommy Hilfiger is an American premium clothing company; they deal with not just wallets but the full range of apparel, footwear, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishings.

Basically, the brand started in 1985 by Tommy Hilfiger. They are one of the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands and internationally identified for celebrating the essence of traditional American relaxed style, featuring preppy with a twist designs. The brand headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It is specially designed for keeping iconic style and authentic quality at the forefront of everything we design and create. Tommy Hilfiger is the most preferred wallet brand in the world.

5. Levi’s

Levi’s mainly deals with the clothing, but they also manufacture multiple products including wallet, this company is known worldwide for its Levi’s brand of denim jeans.

Most of their wallet comes with the RFID technology which will help you to protect your cards from unwanted scanning, in terms of security we will recommend you to go with the wallet that has RFID.

Levi’s is another name of quality. Men’s Levi’s wallet features ample storage space for cards and cash. RFID-blocking technology helps ward against identity theft.

Wallet Buying Guide


Different types of wallets are designed for different needs. It is imperative to choose a perfect one according to your needs. Each type of wallet has its own set of pros and cons.

Made from high-quality material

At the time of purchasing check weather, the wallet is made from high-quality leather or not. We will recommend you to go with the once which is entirely crafted from handcrafted leathers.

RFID Protection

RFID protection will keep your credit cards and debit card from unwanted scanning. Help you to protect your personal information from being scanned by the third-party scanner.


We should have a protected compartment for cards in order to protect from any damage while handling. You can also check whether the wallet has a special compartment for coins or not. We should have an accessible access compartment for all the most used cards.

Also check: Best Front Pocket Wallets

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